Tagliata: Italian Steak and Cannellini Beans

When I think about Italian food my mind moves first to pasta and then pizza. I rarely ever think of steak. In Italy though tagliata is a staple; a lightly seasoned steak, grilled to perfection and served thinly sliced. This flavoursome dish centers around the quality meat. I like a nice thick scotch fillet, but it works well with the more economical flank or skirt steak. Purists use only a bit of salt, but I like a bit of pepper and rub a clove of smashed garlic over the surface. Migraine-sufferers should avoid the traditional brushing with rosemary during grilling if they want the dish to be trigger-free. If you feel the steak needs some heavy herb flavour, a bunch of marjoram will add a nice lift. Grill rare to medium, thinly slice and it’s ready for some side dishes.

Italian steak

Tagliata over Italian style refried beans is my go to 30 minute pantry to plate summer meal.

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Green Beans and Tomatoes

I have very fond childhood memories of being sent to the garden by my nonna to collect up the beans and tomatoes for this dish on warm summer days. Many of the beans never made it from my hand to the basket, ending up in my mouth instead. I always seemed to munch my way through the garden. I still do this sometimes as I work my way through Galluzzo’s. Luckily Joe indulges me. Keep on reading!