Feeding Yourself without Feeding the Beast

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.” -Julia Child

I love Julia’s take of food and life.  Feeding ourselves can be such a sensual act. The whole concept of a diet is denial. But you can feed yourself and put the NO beast on a diet without limiting your choices. It’s all about balance. Keep on reading!

Picture of ham

Apricot Glazed Ham for Christmas in July

It’s just not Christmas for Stuart if there’s no leg of ham. It’s a tradition in his family to get a ham from a specific butcher in Melbourne. Hams are ordered well in advance, picked up a few days before Christmas and followed by weeks of ham-off-the-bone sandwiches. The ham is lovingly cared for and pulled out every day. Succulent morsels are sliced off to be pressed between fresh bread. It is well suited for the Australian summer, unlike trying to force a Northern Hemisphere roasted meal for lunch on Christmas day.
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Plated French Toast

Migraineur’s French Toast

French toast is my signature breakfast for sleepovers. It works for any kind of sleepover, the romantic just the two of us kind or where did this horde of hungry teens come from kind and everything in between. The moorish bread soaked in egg and cooked in butter till golden and a bit crispy can then be topped with sweet or savory depending on your tastes. It’s been known to be requested by those in the know. Keep on Reading!

Big Girls Do Cry in Grocery Stores: Easiest Chicken Stock Ever

One day I found myself crying at the grocery store. There I was in front of the liquid stock looking for a base to make some soup in a pinch. It was a cold and rainy Saturday and Stuart and the boys were in the mood for Cauliflower Soup and Tuna Melts for lunch, I know it’s the weirdest combination of food, but they love it. I didn’t have any homemade stock to serve as the base of the soup on hand so I ran up to the shops to grab some chicken stock. Keep on reading!